Mats Edén - fiddles

Photo: Björn Schaller

Sprung from the soil of Värmland, bordering on Norway, he was appointed "Riksspelman" already in 1979. His fiddle playing is a hallmark of the band, combining influences from both Värmland and Norway. He has studied composing at the Norwegian Academy of music in Oslo and writes a great deal of Groupa's music. He has recorded with Ale Möller and Lena Willemark in the Nordan Project at ECM records. Shortly after followed his solo album at ECM. The latest addition to his series of solo albums is Avtryck.

Terje Isungset - percussion

Photo: Björn Schaller

An uncompromising musician, whose numerous years at work to create a genuine, rhythmic dimension of sound have crafted a distinctly individual musical identity. He has designed, and built, most of his array of special Percussion. The instruments come from Norwegian nature as well as from Isungset's journeys around the globe. Pioneer in Ice instruments. Composer of the opening Festival suites at Molde International Jazz Festival 1999, European Culture Cities 2000, and the Bergen Festival 2002. Musician of the year at Vossajazz Festival 1996. Read more here.

Jonas Simonson - flutes

Photo: Björn Schaller

Sweden’s most established, innovative flute player within folk and world music. During the last 30 years he has travelled around the globe with his music. As an artist he had a great impact on the innovative Swedish folk music scene and can be listened to on numerous albums with his intense, rhythmical and personal style of playing. His musical approach can be heard in Den Fule, Crane Dance trio, the flute trio Zephyr, the wind septet Westan and in recordings with the brilliant folk trio Bäsk and Folk-sax/Riff-Ola.